Why I Write

Tone is my specialty—making a piece of writing feel like the person or organization I’m writing for. I listen deeply and then work collaboratively as a conduit for someone who knows what their message is, but isn’t quite sure how to put it into words. I’ll capture the words—both the ones that are said and the ones that are just beyond that person’s grasp.

Writing that makes a difference in the world is what I’m passionate about. I invest my time and skills in projects that I believe will have a positive impact on the people who read them—messages of inspiration, hope, innovation or triumph over difficult circumstances. These are some of the areas I care about.

I’ve fallen in love with the book that I’m working on now—the elegance of it, the language and rhythm of it, the message of hard-won hope and inspiration that the story carries—it all touches and moves me, and I’m sure it will do the same for readers.